In order to accommodate the volume of parents attending, conferences are scheduled by the first letter of your student’s last name. If you are unable to attend during the scheduled time please try and attend an ‘open period’ or make arrangements with the appropriate teachers.

Wednesday, Oct. 25th

  • 2:30—3:30pm = Open
  • 3:30—4:30pm = A-H
  • 4:30—5:30pm = I-R
  • 5:30—6:00pm = Closed
  • 6:00—7:00pm = S-Z

Thursday, Oct. 26th

  • 2:30—3:30pm = Open
  • 3:30—4:30pm = S-Z
  • 4:30—5:30pm = A-H
  • 5:30—6:00pm = Closed
  • 6:00—7:00pm = I-R

Friday, Oct. 27th

  • 2—4pm = Open

Enter the school through the office doors to pick up your student’s folder and conference information.
*Please limit your conference time to five minutes per teacher.