Global Perspectives Selection

Imagine Preparatory Surprise Middle School: Looking Ahead to the 2016-17 School Year!

As you may have recently read, our school was chosen by Cambridge as one of only 20 schools worldwide to offer the highly engaging Global Perspectives course in the middle school. We are extremely honored to have been chosen and more so, excited to bring this opportunity to our students in the middle school. We would like to take a moment and ensure our community is aware of how our school courses will be updated and designed for the upcoming school year.

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  • All students will still take the following courses:
    Cambridge Secondary One English
    Cambridge Secondary One Mathematics
    Cambridge Secondary One Science
    Social Studies (designed to prepare students for Cambridge IGCSE History courses in the high school and beyond)
    Electives (also known as “Specials”)
  • Instead of taking the “Workshop” class as in prior years, students will either take Global Perspectives -OR- be engaged in an additional 30 minutes of English and in math*.

*The advantage to this course schedule is that rather than going to a “workshop” teacher, students will remain with their content-expert teacher in English and in math for an additional 30 minutes. With workshop having been designed to be 30 minutes of English reteach or enrichment and 30 minutes of math reteach or enrichment, this allows students to receive instruction and guidance from their English and math teachers and not an additional teacher.

  • Students enrolled in Global Perspectives will take a total of 6 one-hour classes and students not taking Global Perspectives will take a total of 5 classes, English and math for 1.5 hours with the remaining courses being 1 hour each.
  • The 21st Century Scholars Academy is now the Global Perspectives Seminar! Upon reaching our 5 year mark of the Scholars Academy, we recognized the need to evaluate and update our course schedule to continually meet the needs of our students and ensure we are challenging and preparing them for high school and beyond. The Global Perspectives initiative presented us with a unique opportunity to engage our students in the type of research, thinking, discussion, debate, and skill development that they seek and need for higher education.
  • Students wanting to show interest in being enrolled in Global Perspectives, must fill out the attached interest form.  Your child was also given a hard copy or will be given one within the next week as each class is visited.
  • Global Perspectives is highly regarded by many universities around the world. Please view the video to learn more about this course:

Please contact Erika Fosgreen at if you have any questions.

Thank you to our families for your continued support as we work together to prepare students for COLLEGE, CAREER, and LIFE.

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