Internship Programs

Imagine Prep realizes that to prepare students for college, career, and life we must be aware of the skills that potential employers find most important. Through our internship program and open invitation to community members to participate in authentic assessment opportunities, Imagine Prep develops relationships with potential employers to ensure we are preparing our students for their futures.

Objective of the Internship Program:
The objectives of this program were designed in 2008-2009 to be an integral part of our high school’s graduation requirements. Our main objective was to take a careful look at our community’s social and economic status, develop a program that would fit within the bounds of our (Surprise and surrounding area) communities and address the needs of our soon-to-be employable student population. Using those observations we strongly felt that in our current economy and job market that our students (juniors in particular) should be assisted in developing pre-employment and employment skills. We believe if our students have a proper foundation in pre-employment and employment skills, by the time they are ready to graduate they will have a firm grasp on their future and the future of our community.

Preparation for Internships
To prepare our students to successfully secure and complete an internship all juniors participate in a professional skills course. During this semester-long course, students create professional resumes, practice interview skills, learn the importance to professional appearance, and develop public speaking skills. The students then use these skills to identify and secure an internship opportunity. Students are responsible for identifying a potential internship mentor and then to share this information with the student’s parents and faculty sponsor.

Faculty sponsors work with the prospective internship mentor to develop an internship contract between the mentor and intern. The contract established the intern’s schedule and responsibilities.

To further prepare our students for their internships and to be productive students, Imagine Prep requires that each of our students complete volunteer hours in the community. Our students’ volunteerism has bettered our local library, city organized leadership programs, SADD groups, hospital, organizations and peer tutoring. Over 98% of our junior class has fulfilled the required amount of volunteer hours and have continued far beyond the required volunteer hours.

Student Quote:
“The opportunity to participate in Imagine Prep’s Professional Skills course gave the skills and confidence necessary to succeed during my junior internship.”

—Emily Scattergood