Junior High

Imagine Prep’s Junior High program focuses on preparing students for the 21st century, by providing them with the skills and content knowledge necessary to succeed in any environment. Teachers utilize a combination of traditional classroom instruction, project-based learning, online research, and computer-based collaboration. Students focus on four core classes: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts (including reading and writing). The Junior High schedule allows Language Arts and Social Studies classes to be joined together for joint projects, research, and combined activities – Science and Math classes can be similarly combined for activities.

Project-based learning is central to the Imagine Prep philosophy. We believe the best way to prepare students for college, career, and life, is to provide them with experience solving problems , conducting research, and communicating information – in short, the kinds of activities they will find themselves doing in a college classroom, an office, or on the job. Project-based learning allows students to master the skills that they need to perform well at these activities – close reading, clear and accurate writing, technology-based presentations, public speaking, and more. It also gives students the opportunity to build the habits of persistence, hard work, organization, and professionalism that will set them ahead of their peers.

In addition to the four core classes, we want junior high students to have opportunities to explore their interests and try new things. All seventh and eighth grade students rotate through several elective courses, including Media, Art, and Smart Lab. Seventh graders pursue a set rotation through these courses. Eighth graders rotate through all three in the first three quarters, and then have the option to select a more advanced level of Media, Art or Smart Lab for their final quarter elective.

Finally, there are two required courses for all seventh graders, and two for all eighth graders. One of these is P.E., as we feel that all Junior High students should be involved in physical activity and learn the importance of fitness, fair play, and sportsmanship. All seventh graders also take School Success. This course is designed to get students off on the right foot at Imagine Prep, and to help them with organizational skills, project planning and presentation, social interactions, technology skills, keyboarding and personal development. This course meets at either the beginning or the end of the school day, providing students with an opportunity to look at their academic progress as a whole and to prepare for the coming day most effectively. All eighth grade students take Technology. Because we emphasize the use of technology in our program in both Junior High and High School, it is vital that students have an opportunity to learn the computer skills and software that they will need to create projects and presentations, do research, and organize their academic program. The courses focuses on Microsoft Office Suite and Google Applications software, including, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Calendars, Google Groups, Google Documents, and more. Students also receive practice and instruction in basic computer skills and keyboarding as needed.

Imagine Prep’s Junior High program is designed to prepare students for our high school program, to build the technology, research, and presentation skills, and the personal habits needed for success at Imagine Prep.